RADEX-N for wind turbines

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RADEX-N for wind turbines

Product features

  • Backlash-free, all-steel coupling

  • laminae made of high-strenght spring steel

  • Compensate high displacements

  • Coupling can be combined with our brake systems

Laminae in top form


The key element in the RADEX-N is the specially treated unique laminae. Alternately interlinked with hubs and spacers, they are fastened in place with highly resistant fitting screws to ensure optimum displacement and an increase in power densities. 

The laminae sets were developed at KTR using FEM calculations. The result: the characteristic fitted shape, which allows torque transmission, torsional rigidity and the required displacement potential, is ideally combined.

System overload prevention

A wind power coupling is rarely supplied on its own. In most cases at KTR couplings are ordered alongside a brake disc up to 1,600 mm in a diameter and a sensor disc for monitoring speed - a wise decision because an overload system also ensures precise torque limitation, even under highly unfavourable conditions. The RUFLEX sliding hub is ideal for this task. It is fitted with special friction pads, which are stick-slip-free and extremely resistant to wear when in use. The sliding hub is ready-calibrated in the factory and then disappears into the coupling spacer, thus saving space.

As soon as the precise, preset slide moment is reached, the flux of force is restricted and your system is protected against load peaks in the generator. And what's more, this slide moment can be reproduced by the RUFLEX up to 1000 times, thus protecting systems from stress and significantly reducing the servicing required.

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