ZAPEX couplings are especially suited for operation in harsh operating conditions, such as drives in the iron smelting or cement industry. ZAPEX couplings are suitable for reverse operation and horizontal mounting positions and, in the case of type ZWNV, for vertical mounting positions.

A ZAPEX coupling comprises two hub sections with external teeth which are mounted on the machine shafts. Each set of external teeth engages in a flanged socket with mating internal teeth. The flanged sleeves are connected via two flanges with close-fitting bolts.

The teeth are lubricated with oil or grease. On the ZAPEX type ZW, DUO sealing rings are used to seal the tooth space. The DUO sealing rings prevent the lubricant from escaping and dirt from entering the tooth space. The parallel keyways must be sealed during assembly to prevent lubricant from escaping.

Further application-related coupling types are available. Dimension sheets for and information on these are available on request.

The hubs of the standard types can be easily exchanged for multipurpose hubs. Multipurpose hubs are significantly longer and can be shortened to suit customer requirements. The multipurpose hubs are described after the types.


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